Innovaboard - Create Value Through Innovation

The Innovation Challenge

In today's economy, it is vital for businesses to innovate in order to sustain a competitive value proposition to their customers.

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Innovaboard, a collaborative platform that allows employees to engage in campaigns to identify, evaluate, select, and implement innovative ideas.

25,000+ IDEAS
6,000+ USERS

25,000+ IDEAS
6,000+ USERS

Innovaboard works with Innovation campaigns, that is, a collaborative brainstorming to accomplish an organizational goal.

Collaborators contribute ideas to accomplish the objectives set by Innovation Campaigns. Use Innovaboard's evaluation workflow to identify, evaluate, select, and implement the best ideas.

Adding ideas is easy. Simply click on the "Add Ideas" link and fill out a few fields.

Innovation committees evaluate ideas. They share workspaces where they exchange and evaluate information privately.

Promote Participation

Employees earn points for participating. Innovaboard uses Innopoints to reward user activity such as entering ideas, moving forward in the evaluation phases, contributing comments, and having their ideas implemented.

Challenge your Organization

Use Innovaboard's built-in Key Innovation Indicators to fine-tune the Innovation performance of your executives and their business units. Use their collective intelligence to transform your business.

Innovaboard features a flexible notification system based on events. You can define as many notification templates as you want and send them to any one in the innovation ecosystem.

Innovaboard features extensive dashboards and reports that help companies evaluate the Innovation Performance of the organization.

Innovate Together

Join the close to 6,000 Innovaboard users who have contributed more than 25,000 ideas to take their organizations to the next level.

Internal Crowdsourcing

Price and product attributes are not the key factors in purchasing decisions any more. Customers are demanding, informed, and they look at the entire experience you provide them. Hence, you need to engage your employees, your most valuable source of ideas, in a process of continuous innovation and improvement of your Value Proposition.

Xavier A. Navarro
Chief Innovation Officer - Innovaboard